The Cat and The Canary by John Willard

Adapted by Paper Crown Theatre

FEBRUARY 13-18, 2024

A Murder Mystery With A Different Ending Every Night

The Cat and The Canary is a melodramatic murder mystery about a group of distant relatives who gather at midnight to attend the will reading of their late ancestor, Old Cyrus West, in his deserted mansion 80 years after his death. Tensions rise when a sole heir is declared with the caveat that this person be of sound mind. Over the course of the night, the spirited mansion will indeed test each visitor’s sanity.

Starring: Samantha Beck, Franco Correa, Erika Holba, Wylee Johnston, Katrina Kunkel, Christoff Lundgren, Patrick Maloney, Dave McKay, James Ostime, Anglia Redding, Maggie Salopek, and Lauren Tamke

Directed by Lauren Tamke

Assistant Directed by Katrina Kunkel

Stage Managed by Lauren Gagnon

Production Design by Katrina Kunkel and Lauren Tamke

Lighting Design by Rebecca Cave

Sound Design by John Anderson